Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clown-boy in Training

Ben has been in training for 1 week. He's doing so well! All of our hard work over the past year has paid off- the trainer was able to start working under saddle right away, and by day 3, my boy has started looking like 1 million bucks...well in my opinion. His ride does start out very standardbred-y, but the trainer is working on teaching him to loosen his back, and once that happens, he switches from pacey/cart mode into cute rideable dressage horse mode.

This video was taken at the very end of his ride, so he's a bit tired and taking a bit of effort to keep moving along. I have a bunch of other footage, but its all bouncy and choppy because I apparently suck at holding a camera for any length of time.

The plan is to visit him weekly, on Saturdays, and document his progress. I didn't use the camera for still shots because #1 it was a little dark, and someone was a bit spooky as it was - nevermind adding a flash to the mix, and #2 the photos that require a flash come out crappy anyway.

And...so late in coming...but our Halloween pictures have finally arrived! YAY!

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  1. Aww, he's looking good! Love the Halloween pic, haha.